What is giclée printing?

Custom personalised high quality fine art print portrait
Giclée printing is also known as fine art or archival pigment printing. It’s the process of inkjet printing on fine art papers to produce archival, gallery quality prints. There are a number of factors that make giclée printing such a great option: quality, longevity and accuracy. The quality of a giclée print is far higher than standard printing services such as litho prints due to its high accuracy. It's the finest printing available with today's technology. Giclée printing holds its colours for far longer than standard prints. In fact, giclée prints are thought to last up to two hundred years before starting to fade.

In short, they are built to last. So, if you have a photo that you love and would like to create a bit of history for future generations of your family, a fine art giclée print is the perfect heirloom!